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Surveillance Camera Systems (CCTV)

Do you need to see what is going on at your place of business when you are not there? Want to stop shoplifting and vandalism, or at least catch the people doing it? We can help. If the alarm is going off at your resteraunt at 4am, we can get you back to bed fast by verifying everything is ok, and if it's not, we can help you give the police apicture of the intruder. Suspect your employees of buddy punching their time cards? Is your bartender giving out free drinks? With a CCTV system from YTC you can eliminate these hassles.  

Imagine the peace of mind you can get by looking at live video of your store while on vacation, from your smartphone! Worried your employees are stealing at the register? With a video overlay system you can see the receipt as it is printed overlayed over the video. If you miss cash from your drawers, you will know exactly what happened, and if necessary the court will too.


Our Cameras Protect Your Home as Well

At our affordable prices, you can have camera surveillance at your home as well. See who is at the door before you answer, check on your home while out of town, look in on your pets while at work, our systems let you do it all. With smartphone access and text/email alerts, you will always know whats happening. Now you will know out exactly when the Fedex guy dropped off your package.