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For All Your Tech Needs


Servers and Server Software

Need centralized data storage, email systems, or vertical market business software? At YTC, this is the core of what do. We offer enterprise data services for small businesses at economic prices. We can give your small business all the bells and whistles that the big businesses have at a fraction of the cost. We not only offer Microsoft server products such as Exchange, but we can also put Linux server software in your office and let you take advantage of open source software. We are flexible so your business can be flexible as well!

  Let us provide you with the right server hardware to match your business needs. Utilizing Intel Xeon processors and Areca RAID controllers, we can put redundant server systems in you office that can operate reliably for years. Then let us roll out your business wide accounting, email, or CMS systems as painlessly as possible, and with as little disruption to your business as possible. After all, we are in business for your business!!

Remote access and Beyond!

Need that accountant across the country to have access to your Quickbooks? Want to be able to pull up your medical or legal software from home at night or on the weekends? We can take care of that easy as pie!. We can give you the tech tools to make those salespeople as effective as possible, and safeguard your data with on-site, and Internet backups. Think you have a strange need? Fret not, we have most likely done it.